I'm always on the lookout for new things. In fact, when I first started writing for the Comp Inc blog that was my main focus, finding new things and putting it out there for you lovely readers to explore and learn. So, as a focus for myself I've decided to make a blog series called: On My Radar. This series will focus on brand spankin' new lines, skincare, brushes, and...I think you catch my drift! So here goes the first one.

I have MANY makeup junkie friends and I'm glad because this keeps me in the loop. Sometimes working at the Makeup Mecca (I'm sure you all know which store I speak of) keeps me limited to the brands inside of the store. This isn't bad, there are tons of brands at the Makeup Mecca but sometimes they don't have things I want to try out! Recently, one of my makeup junkie friends (thanks again Viv!) put me on to: SUGARPILL. She first mentioned it over Twitter and I hadn't thought about it until I saw a twitpic from another makeup junkie. So I decided to go on the Sugarpill Cosmetics Website (feel free to venture forth! Click this link right here: Sugarpill Shop) and fell in love!

I'm a HUGE sucker for packaging, yes I am one of those shoppers and I feel like it's a very important aspect of ANY product. No one wants a hideous bottle of something wonderful! So, Sugarpill had me hooked on that alone. It's reminescent of Urban Decay but I feel like it has more moxie, that and it's new, anything new instantly draws attention.

What I respect most about Sugarpill is it's maker's passion to creating a line of eyeshadows that's highly pigmented, long wearing, good to look at (brand image is a plus), and affordable. All the eyeshadows (excluding the eyeshadow palettes) run at $12. That is INSANE! The fact that she has blue hair is an added bonus! If you're wondering who she is, her name is Amy but she also goes by Shrinkle. She also owns a fashion line! So it's clear that creativity is intertwined into both her makeup and clothes.

So there! I have opened your eyes to something wonderfully new and exciting! I can't wait to get my hands on some of these shadows and you best believe I will be reviewing them as soon as my package arrives!

Go explore!

*picture from Shrinkle's blog (visit here:Shrinkle's Blog)

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