We Love to read things from the guys perspective!!
But.. Women Have a say so too lol.
Beauty For Him Featuring: Eujenya
Eujenya is one of my Favorite to work with.
She is very well rounded & artistic not mention she has an amazing head on her shoulders
she had been modeling for years now. i thought it would be great for the guys
to see beauty through her eyes, because shes no hold bars!!!

This interview is broken in two parts
Too Read Part 1
Beauty Through His Eyes Featuring: Derrick Smith

What is your definition of beauty?
I always Beauty say is Art, Not all Art is understood.

What feature do you favor that men embody?
Hmm I would say my lips. (Smiles)

How do you feel about guys in skinny jeans?
I love it. Why double your size? And woman can get a sneak peak (laughs) I'm joking.

Glasses or contacts?
Does really matter to me. What makes the person comfortable is ok with me.

Tall guys or short guys?
Whoaa I'll say tall guys (smiles) I just love to tipy toe to kiss a guy (laughs)

What's one clothing item you love to see guys in?
Under garments, guys that free ball worry me at times.

Rich dumb dude? Broke intelligent dude ?
Neither I rather have a dude that has something going on for himself.

Edgy or preppy?
I'm greedy I like both lol I like a guy that can switch it up.

Boxers or briefs?
Boxer briefs (giggles)
Low ceasar or braids ?
Low ceasar not with the braids

Rapper or actor?
That's a good question. Umm I would have to say either, because you I rap you know a lyricists myself and I love to act. Quick plug in mix tape coming soon (laughs)

What's your ideal dream guy?
Hmmm I guy that is motivated secure of himself. Someone who isn't perfect, but perfect for me.

What's the worst pickup line you've heard?
Wow, to be honest guys don't try to talk to me lol. Let me think.... It would have to be "can I talk to you, and if you say no. Can I talk to your friend?"

What's the biggest turn on from guys & turn off ?
Posers, Don't tell me what you think I want to hear. Be real, be true to yourself.

What celebrity would date besides Trey songz he's already married to
the person who's interviewing u?
Lies (laughs) but I do have a big crush on Dwight Howard (smiles)

Gold or silver jewlery?
Both (laughs) I love jewelry

Talk about men hygiene?
Listen, here to all the men out there please take care of your bodies and hygiene. There is no reason why your breathe smells like shit and shrimps. And please don't call yourself a man if you still walking around shit stains on your draws. (Laughs) oh yes and its ok for guys to get pedi's and mani's its ok, I doesn't make you "gay" woman love clean guys. Clean guys thank you xoxoxo to all the clean guys.

Where can people contact you what are u working on now
I'm working on something Big, its a surprise (smiles) you can reach my at (646) 7 (laughs) I'm joking eujenya@eujenya.com or modeleujenya@gmail.com

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