Over the past week,
I had a really fun shoot with Model Emily (Emma)
Emigee Couture (Didja Graham)
& Jus the Camerman ( Jcphoto91)

We Focused on Two looks,
To Display the beauty of Emily, & The Essenes of Didja's dresses.
It is always a pleasure working and one of the 4!!!

I really enjoy collaborating with the familiar faces!
Shout to Jc photography
For pushing to capture the image he saw in his head!!
i will post links
you can check these pictures on the official offcial website

To See more of Jus The Camera Man

For Dress & More

To Book Miss Emma :)

You know where to find me :0)

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  1. i really like that you use a variety of models including ethnicity and even hair type like this young lady <3