Dark Eye: Nude Lip: Contour Cheek:

This look goes with anything dress.
its very classy yet sexy!
it goes with all hues,

In order to achieve this look to a tee!
you must have a flawless matte look with skin
Product Suggestions: matte velvet,nars matte firming foundation, super matte mufe
eye brows must be arched and filled in perfect
Product Suggestion: brow tech smashbox, anastsia brow kit, stilla bow box
This eye is not to be too extreme
its best achieve when using a Kohl liner
smudging it out with a crease brush or wide
lining the inner rim of the eye intensely and smudging underneath
Product Suggestions: Mr Kajal Givenchy, zero urban decay, mr Kohl Givenchy, Aqua eyes mufe.
dark contouring along the jaw line
Product suggestions: contour palette , dark matte bronzer

-Downtown Pepper

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