I have been waiting for Tokidoki makeup since...well since before Sephora annouced they would be making a makeup line with the brand. I have been a Tokidoki fan WAY before Sephora ever mentioned Tokidoki. I live for the characters, the drawings, the colors, the collaborations, and HELLO...the BAGS! It's a great brand! I haven't reviewed the makeup because I haven't had time, but I took a little time to do one eye and give you an idea of what it looks like. 

Overall I'm HIGHLY impressed with the pigment of the Cromatico eyeshadows. They're very true and they blend well (not like another line I know whose pigment disappears when you blend). I'm also VERY pleased with the Punk Rock Mascara, I absolutely the COLOR. Very bright. My favorite one is the green mascara. They have little lash fibers to elongate the lashes.

In this feature, I used Skeletrina which is a bright cobalt blue, Savana which is an intense gold with glitter in it, and the bright blue mascara. I love it, I hope you guys will too!

Elba ^_^

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