We always like to know the male perspective in any situation.
Considering that beauty is a enormous part of my everyday lifestyle.
why not get the view from a guys stand point!
I needed someone who was talented great with words and out the box!
There you have it Derrick Smith.
A great friend of mine. Modeling is just the small portion of what he does.
Derrick is a motivational speaker.
This Interview is Broken it two parts.
Beauty For Him: Featuring Model Eujenya

Beauty through his Eyes Featuring: Derrick Smith

What is your definition of beauty? My definition of beauty is everything in a whole looks,personality, maturity everything.

What feature do you favor that woman embody? I love beautifull feet on a woman. Its a turn on to see a women take great care of her feet.

Women with make-up or Women without? I prefer women without it. It gives us the real you. Natural no cover ups and at times some women can use a bit to much.

What's your view on woman that use weaves/wigs instead of wearing
their own hair out hair ? I honestly don't have any issue with it. As long as its neat and maintained I'm perfectly fine with it.

What is a pet peeve of yours ? Dirty nails. That's apart of hygiene and that's real important In my eyes.

Fashion is an expertise of yours if you had to pick one item to put on
any female what would it be ? Confidence. Definitely confidence. You can buy assesories, shoes, jackets etc but confidence can't be sold and it makes the outfit look better when a woman confidently knows she looks good.

Long hair/ short hair? Long hair all the way. Lol

What's your opinon on woman enhancing there body with surgery? I personally don't see the need for it. God blessed you with what you have for a reason. Being official is important to me so I believe all women are beautifull regardless so its no need for enhancing.

What kind of women attract Derrick?
Hardworking ,mature women are attractive to me. I'm a workaholic so if I'm attracted to a woman she has to have goals and a work ethic.

Girls in Pumps or Flats?
Flats you can't go wrong with those. I often see women struggle to walk in some heels lol but flats look good. And. The chances of you falling in them are slim lol.

Have to ask this sorry: Breast or Booty slim or curvy ? I'm a booty guy I definitely like curvy women. Breast are cool but a sexy curvy women with a nice butt suites my liking more.

What would be your defintion of a perfect woman? Hmm that's a tough one no woman is really perfect so ima say a woman who's well rounded in all areas.

What career do you think is sexy that a woman can work in
but majority of the field men do the job? A lawyer. She could go to work in a male dominated field such as law but still be sexy when she goes to court and fight for her clients.

Do you prefer beauty or brains?
Brains I'm over the beauty stage in my life I prefer a woman who has knowledge.

Arlyic nails or manicure?
I love arlyic nails I've always been a fan lol.

Where can people contact you?
www.twitter.com/TheDerrickSmith or my facebook fanpage http://bit.ly/ba5V1w

What are your latest projects you've been working? I'm doing a mother day dinner for a few single parents. Where I'm going to cook dinner, and give out flowers and cards to show my appreciation for them because without women where would we be. Also I'm puttin together my ideas for my own non profit organization. As a model I have some projects coming out a few videos, and other print work to be announced. All through the grace of god.

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  1. cool interview :)
    you should do some more of these

  2. I agree that a hardworking person is attractive. You have to have looks,
    personality to get a persons attention too.