That's right!!! I don't discriminate!!!

I love products from Sephora and Saks just as much as I love products from CVS and Duane Reade and SO SHOULD YOU! ^_^

All I'm saying is just because you can't find something in a "higher end" store doesn't make it of lesser value. For instance my favorite benzoyl peroxide treatment is from Duane Reade. That sucker has 10% benzoyl peroxide and Sephora doesn't carry a benzoyl peroxide treatment with that much benzoyl peroxide in it!

Today, I went to CVS and bought an Essence of Beauty blush brush. I really needed an angled blush brush and I needed one that was small. It was inexpensive and it feels really soft. So far I'm happy with my purchase! I'll even post a picture of it for you guys! Oh, I almost forgot, it even came with a free concealer brush!

And yes...the blog title is a Big Pun reference ~_^


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