As we head towards summer everyone is wondering, how will I achieve that sunkissed glow? WELL, here you go! I'll be reviewing a couple of bronzers over the next couple of weeks for you so you know what to head towards when you go shopping!

I recently discovered this baby. This is Illamasqua's Bronzing Duo in Glint & Burnish. What's bronzer without some shimmer? If you want a glow for the summer this is the perfect solution. Both shades have pearl in them to give you an iridescent sheen that screams: I just came from the Bahamas! 

What I like about this particular bronzer is that if you're a fair shade you can still wear this because you can wear the lighter color as a bronzer. If you want to be bold you can absolutely use the darker shade. I'm pretty fair and I've used both of these together and I don't look dirty (this is a concern for me because some bronzers make me look muddy or like I've been rolling around in a pile of dirt). I actually used the lighter shade as a highlight. This is one of my favorite bronzers! 

Keep an eye out for more bronzer reviews ^_^


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