I really feel this post was over due!
im sick seeing women damage there poor little lashes
going in too these eyelashes places to get there lashes done for weeks @ at time!
besides the fact that wearing lashes for that length of time is horrible
its unsanitary and super damaging for your lashes!
i prefer the strip for the top
and individuals for the bottom lashes
i dont think you should wear your lashes beyond 3 days
they should be removed and washed and reapplied

All ladies wearing eye lashes should be conditioning them everyday
there is no way to avoid losing lashes when you are wearing fake ones
so why not protect them ?
the conditioner doesnt have to be a fancy conditioner but you should still wear one
I find that Duo eyelash glue is very safe
it doesnt irritate the eye
it comes in too different shades black and white the white is pretty much translucent
i prefer the black lash glue

im guilty yes i use elite eyelashes, and ask any make-up artist and they will agree
sometimes you cant fail with them
they always get the job done!
i love make-up forever eyelashes and laura mercier.
for dramatic lashes i like illamasqua
i think this is very foolish but some people use these products on there lashes this is a big no!!!!!!!
Products thats should be used on lash
1. hair bonding glue
2. spritz
3 holding spray
4 nail glue
5 craft glue
6. oil sheen to remove

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