In my neighborhood there are many nail salons and they're all about the same, nothing out of the ordinary. Recently a new place called Nail Lounge on Broadway opened up and my sister decided to treat me to a mani and a pedi (what a sweet sister!). When I first saw this place, we were blown away! It's small but very chic and polished, brick walls and bottles of Moet placed on the walls and in between the UV dryers.
We have nothing like this in my neighborhood, so it's really refreshing, however, besides products, chic decor and bottle of champagne I wasn't that impressed.

*Atmosphere: The owner of this place did a wonderful job in creating a relaxed and fun environment. When you walk in there it most definitely peps you up.
* The selection of Essie and OPI nail polishes: They're all shades from both these lines new collections. I have no issues with the selection of nail polishes. I'm absolutely sure you can walk in there and find a new shade each and every time.
*Products: I was really interested in all the products that were used on my hands and feet. I saw a cucumber Sea Soak, an exfoliating hand scrub (I don't remember the brand, I just remember that it was apricot and that it felt great).

*Service: You all know it only takes the smallest thing to mess up a mani and a pedi. Unfortunately for me, the woman doing my pedicure cut me and no it was not a small nip, she made me bleed. I feel like if you're going to open up a posh place, you should definitely get people who KNOW how to give a manicure and pedicure without making someone bleed. I also feel like they were unprofessional. The girl who attended me was distracted and didn't even apologize for making me bleed. I feel responsible for not complaining about it but I'm pretty sure when you see blood, you know you hurt someone.

So I'm giving Nail Lounge a 2.5 for Effort.


See? The whole idea is cute.

Cucumber Sea Soak

Moet, Candles, and more Products

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