this look is ideal for the girl with the little black dress or the classic look
or if you have a solid dress and are looking for something more classic!
lace or classic look!

In order to achieve this look to a tee!
Pretty similar to last you must have a flawless matte look with skin
Product Suggestions: matte velvet,nars matte firming foundation, super matte mufe
eye brows must be arched and filled in perfect
Product Suggestion: brow tech smashbox, anastsia brow kit, stilla bow box
As Demonstrated in the looks above,
very minimal for a bold lip,
cat eye, nice liquid liner, lashes & just liner
Product suggestion: make-up forever waterproof liquid liner, fluid liner from mac,
Dior show mascara phonomeye ALL WATERPROOF!!!!
dark contouring along the jaw line
Product suggestions: contour palette , dark matte bronzer
lip liner is a must!!!!
i prefer the bold lips to be matte it looks more chic and classic
prime and prep your lip to avoid cracking and lip residue in pictures
you will be snapping away all night no room for a dull moment!
product suggestion: kat von D backstage bambii, rosary, underage red
shiap from nars, cruella from nars, dragon red nars
13c make-up forever
confessions urban decay!

♥ Downtown Pepper

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