I'm excited about this because I'm a fan of both, I love Betsey & I use tweezerman often they designs are really cute. I'm loving the Monroe pair I think that is the pair that I am going to invest in :)
It's always good to invest in a good pair of tweezers.

Cheap razors aren't always the best alternative they cause in grown hairs & sometimes affects the growth of the hair along with causing bumps in that area

The best thing about tweezerman is although they are pricey you have a life time warranty you can send them in to get shaved & sharpened when they get dull

I use tweezers for apply eyelashes & to shape brows along with pull out ingrowns

Downtown Pepper ♥

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  1. I might just have to lose the tweezers that I have now to get these new Betsey Johnson tweezers!