You may think the life of a Make Up Artist is all glitz and glam... Not entirely. I've seen Pepper, founder of Composition Inc, deal with a dozy. We aren't going to name any names bc that's not what Composition Inc is all about, so we are going to call him Mr. Hollywood.
Pepper had a gig in the fashion savvy Soho in New York City During Fashion Week. She asked me to accompany her and Honey thank God I did. Mr. Hollywood wanted her to do makeup for twenty models in 30 minutes. So Pep got to work and a completed a sexy smokey eye. Her comes Mr. Hollywood saying he doesn't like it and wants simple black eyeliner to be the major focus of the look.
So off with sexy in with simplicity. Pepper moved faster than I've ever seen a Makeup Artist move doing full face make up for 20 opinionated models.
Here comes Mr. Hollywood again squeezing himself to the front of the line saying I need a little powder before my interview. The whole time he is getting his makeup done he is going on and on about his expensive italian leather Prada shoes. Once he is finish he turns to Pepper and says "Oh by the way Pep you have ten minutes left" .
Pepper finished all 20 faces in record timing. Even with the unprofessional attitude of Mr. Hollywood and the 20 uptight models who came in with already caked up makeup faces. Everyone knows a Make Up Artist needs a fresh face to work on. That means NO foundation, NO concealer, NO eyeliner and NO mascara. I mean u would give a painter a canvas that was already have painted and tell him to make a masterpiece.
I will say I was very impressed with Pepper's technique (the switch from doing female to male make up) her professionalism (even when she had the right to go off on Mr. Hollywood) and her diligence.
What Make Up Artist can get through all of that and still look flawless... Just Pepper of Composition Inc
Dominique "Ladii" Mendez
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