I am obsessed with beautiful make-up nice hair
When i walk the streets lately in Soho
i see tons of womens
with Braids & Buns

Sloppy Braid
Long French Braid
Long Braid

Top Not Bun

For Venexiana’s show, the Philip Pelusi design team utilized a knot he called “Empire Chignon”. A twist on the classic chignon, the hair created for Venexiana was architectural and took on new height – literally. Like Kati Stern’s design esthetic, the hair was couture, high-fashion.

Here are tips from the Philip Pelusi team for recreating the look from
Women’s Mafia (the Venexiana look is much more intricate):

1. Spray hair with P2 Refresh Hair to give hair texture
2. Divide hair into two ponytails: perimeter and crown
3. Pull the perimeter ponytail into a high nape
4. Spray again with P2 Refresh Hair
5. Pull a hair net over the ponytail and fashion it into “petals”

Tight English Braid

Long wavy hair is always a trend
i love buns they are always my favorite
im also seeing alot of precise blunt cuts

wait till guys see whats next on my hair trend!
right now im currently rockin a wavy
A symmetrical bob and the bottom layer is blonde

-Downtown Pepper

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  1. Love these hairstyles! I think I want to wear a long french braid with my prom dress...though that top knot is a lot of fun.