I recently saw this on Michelle Phan's YouTube page and loved it because sometimes we can't spend money on biore strips or on a PTR serum for blackheads. I tried it out and it worked! Plus when you wanna have a sleepover you can do a DIY beauty spa all at home!

All you need to know is LET IT DRY because if it doesn't dry, it's not effective and also the smell is a little off putting at first, not totally disgusting but...well you'll smell it. Besides there's always a price to pay for beauty! 

You'll need milk, unflavored gelatin, a foundation brush you won't miss, a measuring spoon, and a little container to mix it in.

In this step you'll have to  put the gelatin and milk mixture into the microwave for 10 seconds! No more, no less!

My friend and I did at the same time, that's how I know that you have to leave it on for a while. Hers was on her face for a shorter amount of time than the one I had on my face and it wasn't as effective as mine was. You also have to remember that it's not like a real pore strip that has a type of glue in it to take out all the yuckies! I definitely scoped out all the nastiness in my homemade pore strip--it was there! So leave it on for a full 15 minutes or even 20!



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