Today's Trend is Clogs/Wedges which is coming back for the fall
season, but you don't have to wait until then to start wearing these
babies , plenty of fashionistas across the nation are rocking these
including myself ! I love the loook , they're essential because
they're high but your feet won't hurt as fast compared to when your
wearing stillettos or pumps. Also, I love when they are paired with
socks , uber stylish if I must say so myself!
Personally, Jeffery Campbell has the most impressing, clogs/wedges
they are so fierce! You can check them out at ,Saks
Also, Gap collaborated with Piere Hardy and created this amazing fall
shoe collection of clogs & wedges and I love it.
What do you think of this shoe trend ? Speak up or if you have any
pictures of your favorite clogs/wedges, send them to
Jahshana Olivierre

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  1. i love the first pair!!!

    I just posted a DIY tee & Beyonce inspired wishlist ; )

    come check out my new fashion blog comment& follow...xxxxo.