My reason for posting this blog sale is because in my line of work i stumble across all type of intricate items that i am no longer using and interested in getting rid of a few things & of our frequent blog visitors please post the link on your blog thank you in advance :)

In you are interested in item feel free to click buy now!
all items sales are final please be sure to know all item
have a 5.99 shipping fee added
except the vintage snake chain belt there is an 8.99 shipping fee do to weight

as soon as an item is sold!!! i will mark the item
if links are not working please email me and i will send you a form !

Vintage Gold & Pearl Necklace : Now 15.00 + shipping

Gold Black Stone Cuff 8.00 + Shipping

Gold Detailed Door knockers 5.00 + Shipping

Large Two finger Silver Bow Ring: 10.00+ Shipping

Unique Vintage Snake Eye Waist/chest Belt 22.00 + shipping
Warning: Very Bold & Gordy but looks awesome on a black dress or black blouse

2 waist belt in Croc & Snake Skin 15.00

Dark Tan Braided Waist Belt 10.00 + Shipping

Canvas Hand Painted Adjustable Flower Ring Available in Both Yellow & White 8.00 + shipping

Demonstration of Shades: Yellow & White

Authentic Sterling Silver Return to Tiffany Heart Earrings (used Great Condition) 60.00 + Shipping

White Gordy Heart Studded Bangle 8.50 + shipping

Gold Link Hoop Earrings: 8.00 + Shipping

Two Bike Tire Goth Bracelets 2 for 10 bucks
+ Shipping

Trendy Pink Black & Wooden Ring 8.00 + shipping

Pearl Detail Suede Necklace 10.00

Chain Strap Snake Skin Heart Shaped Purse 15.00

Jimmy Choo For H&M Studded Croc Bracelet (used) in amazing condition

Detailed Leopard & Print Drop Earring 8.99 + shipping

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