hey dolls,
Summer recently started & now it's almost over within a blink of an eye, in result Top Shop has leaked its Fall/Winter 2010 Pieces , and I must say it is fancy - in every sense of the word.

1. Camel Capes - ( I Love this, it gives you a kind of London It girl kind of look !)
2. Leather Shorts !! ( I knew these were going to come back in style , I saw them popping up EVERYWHERE!)
3. Faux Fur
4. Knit Wear
5. The Blouse
6. Sheep Skin
7. Furry Details ( You know not just for looks, but to keep warm of course)
8. Loafers ( i Love loafers, whether they're high or not !)

You can check out full descriptions of each piece at (http://bit.ly/b1c77i)

Enjoy xoxo Jahshana

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