So every time i am building a palette.
i break it down, i do one with matte shades.
one with satin shades.
sometimes i do it according to the hue.
then i do a colorfully palette.
i think its always better to buy a palette.
make-up artist or not!
in the palette above i am building a make-up forever palette

For eyeshadows if you arent a make-up artist
i think the best palette to get is the mac 4 palette,
or the make-up forever one.
I think all palettes

As far as blush i think you should own at least one blush palette
The mac one is so durable.
The mac palette is good because you don't only have to place blush in your palette.
In all palettes you should have some type of pink.
A basic coral shimmer or matte.
a highlighter and a brown to contour.
the mac one is perfect because you have 6 empty slots and its cheaper individually.
this is an example beneath of my personal palette.

The best palette to use is the mac 4 palette or make-up forever palette.
You dont have to be make-up artist to have one.
I think its essential for any make-up bag.
In the palette you should have a matte brown or black to line eyes and contour.
The other two are your choice. Just make sure you'll were them every day!!!
Downtown Pepper!

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