My diet is perfect! i do pig out sometimes i love hot wings.
i dont eat beef or pork.
just preference my body feels good that way.
for breakfast, i eat and organic strawberry yogurt with lose granola it take like a homemade parfait.
if im really hungry or have to be attentive i eat egg whites wheat toast and turkey bacon!
if i want a snack during the day i substitute chips 4 lose almonds.
Very high in antioxidants :)
for dinner time i do a salad with grilled or baked chicken.
i will be hitting the gym 3-4 times a week.
good diet has to be followed up with working out if you really want max result.
but spring will be here and its crunch-time! literally lol
its best to have a partner when you go to the gym it easier for you guys to push each other.
you can read a bunch of books and blogs but its honestly about making everything your own.
you have to make everything your own.
its much easier to stick toooo!!!! :)

Downtown Pepper

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  1. have you tried using supplements such as chollera powder as part of your diet regime