This Spring and summer i wont be doing heavy foundation!!
i never do,
i stumbled upon a hidden treasure from one of my favorite brands mufe!.
its is very light and waterproof.
which is important for the summer time.
you sweat no worry about runny foundations :)
i use this now it oil free and very light i love it!!!
you can build it up to give your self and more medium to full coverage.
& it can also be used for body.

for body?
yes for body. alot of women suffer from spider veins, varicose veins, stretch marks etc.
this is your key item to wear what ever bathing suit you choose without
the hassle of revealing your insecurities :)
also no worries of damaging your clothes either!!!

check it out ladies!!
it retails at only 32.00
should last you more than just the summer !!!

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