I'm a cheater.
Yes, I've said it, but why should I have to commit to something that doesn't completely satisfy me? That's why I say play the field, try as many flavors as you like until you find what works best for you!

Well, I hope you didn't think I was talking about people and relationships! Noooo. I'm talking about skincare! As well as being a makeup junkie, I'm also a skincare junkie. I love trying out new products and seeing what works best for my skin. I have a few favorites but if something new comes out and I want to compare it to my favorite product I will.

Recently I haven't been exfoliating my skin. This is because I've been using my Clarisonic and I feel like it does enough exfoliation for me, but this isn't necessarily true. My skin isn't lackluster or anything but after hearing RAVE reviews from one of my friends at work about Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate I decided to give it a whirl.

I took a sample and...it BLEW MY MIND! You only need the tiniest bit of it and what a difference it makes. The packaging says that you're supposed to smooth it around a clean wet face for 20 to 30 seconds. This is what I did and then I washed it off. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! My skin felt smoother, it looked more luminous and the texture looked more even. The product is green and smells nice and it feels like many tiny granules all over your face. If you have sensitive skin I suggest you try it for 20 seconds, if you have normal to oily skin do it for the full 30 seconds. 

It is a steep 85 dollars for 2 ounces of ExfoliKate but it's well worth it. Since, you only need a little bit of it you'll probably have it for a really long time. Also, you're only supposed to use it once to twice a week, so this will also add to the longetivity.  

♥ Elba

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  1. Kate Somerville, available at Nordstrom Fashion Valley in San Diego, is an EXTREMELY good skincare line. So do not stop at the ExfoliKate because the Line Release Eye Cream is so amazing it will make you a confirmed believer for the rest of your life.

    The Quench Serum has a new type of Retinol (Vitamin A) in it so it does not only hydrate but gently exfoliates so hydration can occur with much deeper and better results. I use Quench Serum under Kate's night cream which is called Deep Tissue Repair. For more mature skin use Deep Tissue Repair day and night and top it off with a suncreen. Kate Somerville makes an excellent sunscreet in serum form with no PABA. And, by the way, none of her products use PABA's or animal testing.

    The Nourish Face Cream is an excellent product as well. And, like all of her products, a little goes a long-long way. Don't forget to treat the neck and declotte as well. Do this with all your products.

    The Line Release Serum actually does work. I use it on crow's feet and my slight "smile lines" around my mouth.

    What do I like best? The ExfoliKate and the Line Release Eye Cream are my favorites. But EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT is excellent.

    Kate Somerville makes a Goat Milk Face Cream and a Goat Milk hand and body lotion. Goat milk is pH balanced to a 6.5-7.5 pH. And, amazingly enough, this is the pH of human skin. The lactic acid in the goat milk helps with cellular turnover once again inviting maximun hydration. A little goes a long-long way. You do not need a long ribbon of the hand cream just 1/2 teaspoon will do the trick.