I have to be honest with my readers im not a big magazine reader :(
im to busy sometimes.
i just clip out pictures of make-up looks i would like to revamp.
i just feel like at times the media is saturated with so much nonsense it hard to filter
what has real substance.
never fails im up with the trends lol
i dont follow trends i just wake up and put on what i want
it so happens it makes sense
moving along...
i woke up last week & said to myself
for vacation "i want a 18 inch weave"
i did so and as i flip through the mag
i see long weaves are back in lol. so as u read below i will be discussing what's in for spring!

Long Weaves:
Weather long, straight, soho curls , or body wave !
long weaves or hair are in!
the short hair was really in last year!!
thanks to all the celebrities such as rihanna & keri hilson
i always think natural hair is in no matter what magazines say lol
its so beautiful and eccentric

Pops of color Eyeshadow!!

The one that has me most excited is the teal!! shadow
a few weeks ago, i was visiting a mac free standing store
and i had a fit that didn't have anymore teal shadow in stock
unaware of this crazy teal trend!!
of course i purchased the tester =X

Pops of color: Any hot pink green teal hue is in.
i would suggest more of a matte!
the colors are more intense
as demonstrated in the picture below this text!

Rosie Cheek! Bold Cheek!!:
i always felt the rosie cheek! i love bold cheeks
on days im having a bad day i just put on big shades lipgloss
and a truck load of blush
i try not to wear to much bronzer when im wearing blush i love the flawless skin and blush!!
my favorite bold blushs are
Angelika Nars, Posie Mac, 4 Hd Blush, Excited illamasqua

Flawless skin is a must have all year round
but! in order to really get the flawless skin
and natural make-up look down pack!
the most important thing to do is Prep your skin first
cleanse tone moisturize lip balm then your primer
having good skin doesnt have to be a trend make it your daily routine dolls!!!
Flawless skin comes from beneath dont forget!!!
so dont be fouled
make-up just covers,!!
good skin care helps you achieve flawlessness
flawless clean skin!

Downtown Pepper!

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