This was kind of Personal Lol because i admire her make-up everytime i look at it :)
What is She Wearing Letoya Luckett!
For Eyes you can follow my gold lemon and teal blog just very light and more black in to this equation !!!

The same rules apply!!! Prime Prep!! & Go!
This is turkish delight is from nars
if you have a natural dark lip, like myself my best suggestion would be to do a pink lip liner first.'
You have seen some of your favorite Celebrities in this lip gloss.
Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna!!!

This is a Pink shimmer blush with orange accents,
its best to glid along the check bone with a buffing brush.
Use this blush Sparingly because you don't want this blush to look like a highlight because its shimmery!

Place this blush directly underneath where you placed torrid on your jaw line!(darker side)
Down the nose bone you can take the lighter side you can apply this heavily for an intense highlight!
i use the darker side on the nose bone and on the jaw line.
My complexion is picks up the pigment better :)

I seeeeeee Violetta from mac all the way!!
i get stopped for my show stoping purple lipstick!
almost 34 times when im wearing it!!
of course you want to Prep & Prime
As you proceed to using this lip stick it is essential that you use a lipstick brush!
add Violetta from mac!
Blend in the lipgloss with the lip brush after.
use fierce- illamasqua
if you are trying to create more of a pout, apply it in the center of the lip only

You can make it your own!!
if you are afraid of purple you can use a dark lip liner.
Then layer violetta from mac on top and you can achieve the look i did underneath
FYI: i used torrid and sun bunny as a highlighter :)

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