It's easy for all your items to get messy and I feel like it's even easier to have a mess when it comes to makeup! My makeup collection has insanely expanded in the last two years! I've been trying to cram it all into a little tri-fold makeup case for a while but the tri-fold can no longer hold all these items! I've also been throwing things into an empty drawer and it's really hard for me to find things when they're not organized in this crazy mess of a drawer. So it's very easy for me to label my makeup drawer as a warzone but I decided a couple of weeks ago to get organized!

The best way for me to get organized was to go to The Container Store and buy a few items to help me store everything in a neat orderly way so that it's easier for me to find the exact items I'm looking for when I'm in a hurry. I bought four things. Two plastic bins, one rectangular purple container, and my favorite an acrylic lipstick holder. These four things have done WONDERS for my crazy makeup drawer. Here are a couple of pictures!

Here's one of the clear plastic bins, they're VERY roomy and have TONS of space!

This one here is the rectangular container that comes with the top. This one doubled up as two things for me because I used the top that's supposed to enclose the brushes for smaller things like tweezers, sponge applicators, sharpeners, and lashes.

This one is MY FAVORITE! The acrylic lipstick holder. First of all I was surprised to find out that I had 20 lipsticks, I'm gonna have to buy another one of these soon! It was only 6.99!

Here's another view of the lipstick holder.

This one is a picture of my drawer now that it's organized. Here you can see the top of the purple container being used for smaller items and the extra bin that's empty and waiting to be filled up with new items ^_^ Some of the items are misplaced, I didn't think to place everything where it needed to go before I took the picture. I'm sure you get the idea! Remember you can click the picture to see it bigger so you guys can take a closer look at everything! I labeled it too!

So there you go! An easy way to organize your makeup with only four containers. Also the extra two boxes that you see there are from a box I had lying around and they were deep enough to hold foundations and etc.! So find what you have lying around in your house to help you organize as well!

Hope this helps!

*The blog title is a quote written by Wislawa Szymborska

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