I grew up using your average razor and shaving cream, but it was never my favorite thing to use ever.

When you use a razor it's quick and easy, but it can be just as harmful as waxing.

You cut your skin. Shaving with your average razor blade you can cause major ingrown hairs which can result to bumps, as well as causing that are of skin to appear to be darker.

So if you notice a dark apperance to the underarm area it can be caused by shaving.

I do promote waxing. Pain is beauty. Waxing isn't a pleasant feeling but you get way better result.

The hair doesn't grow back as fast. The hair grows back less dense.

You have to be careful what waxing place you do choose to wax. Must be clean. & and has a options of different waxes to use.

On a Personal note:
I go to tatiana salon on court street. During the summer time and spring I wax my legs under arms and bikini area =x (T.M.I)
I use a blue sensitive wax to avoid irritation on any part of my body!

Each visit gets less painful I go every three weeks.

Which is average for the normal waxer. :)

Which system do you guys like ? Let me know

Oh! Btw I never wax my brow I only thread them!

Once every two weeks.

What do
Downtown Pepper

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