I looked out the window of the mega bus daydreaming about what this year has brought me.

i am a 22 year CEO, i have a child name composition inc.

& im fearless.

theres nothing stoping me from anything in life.

when i want to get up and ride i am capable.

i really honestly wouldnt have it any other way.

its really good to spend time with your close friends and family.

it good for the soul. i got party and laugh & sleep this weekend

i dont get much of that.

through the day to day drama of life.

& running a company its a task that i can handle but

its always good to sit back and reflect with pepper.

So it no secret that one of my favorite restaurants is blockheads

i love the margaritas there lol

i found the DC version, well i didnt find it Cherri took me.

it was good sitting back and viewing her college life.

she is a wonderful friend! cherish friendship its important!

Toast! to being young motivated and having good friendship,
they help you doing the ruff times :)

-Downtown Pepper

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  1. aww man you cam to dc !! urgghhh my friend Tiara came up this past weekend on the megabus aswell! your friend looks familiar as well! does she go to UMD or HU? swear her face is so familiar well you looked lovely and ur margarita makes me want to hit lauriol plaza in dc lol