In makeup, like with anything else, it's extremely important to know where things began, how they've evolved overtime and how they came to be what they are now. That's why I've taken another initiative to begin a blog series named Makeup By The Decade. In each of these installments I plan on giving you a quick overview of makeup trends of a certain decade beginning from the 20s to the present! So when you see a music video and you see a cat eye look, you'll know that it's a reference to Ancient Egypt and that it's a trend that reoccurs throughout time!

A big trend of the 20s were the Cupid's bow Lips (on the upper lip), an emphasis on the lower lip to make it appear fuller, and making the width of the lips smaller. So, just think of all the silent movies you've might've seen and how small the women's lips appeared.

During the 20s the eyes were mostly kept dark. Women used a liner all around and the eye and often patted a dark eyeshadow on the lid, to complete this smoldering look. The eyebrows were shaped thin and downward and the eyelashes were painted black.

The complexion was often kept pale and blushes used at the time were mostly in the berry family (think plums and brown/red combos).

Now here's the fun part! My take on the 20s! Enjoy!

If I had my hair styled differently (my eyebrows a lot thinner) I feel like you guys would've gotten a better idea. Anywho, here's a picture of a lady back then so you can get a better idea.

A gist of the 20s!


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  1. A well written article. I like how you explained the history of it.