When you color your hair at home yourself it's always a challenge and to be honest it's always kind of scary because you want it to happen the right way and sometimes that doesn't happen. So here are my suggestions to you who want are bold enough to carry out such a task.

1) The day before you color your hair, put a treatment on so that you cause less damage on your hair. I suggest using the Ojon Restorative Hair treatment.

2) FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS on your box! Do not improvise the directions are there for a reason!

3) If you are recoloring your hair and your ends are darker than your roots that's because there is a lot of color build up on the ends. What you can do is a)don't color your ends at al b) if you do color your ends put petroleum jelly around the ends so that the color doesn't absorb as much as it does on the top.

4) if you're going to do something dramatic like go from dark hair to blonde hair and vice versa, I suggest going to a salon and getting your hair colored by a professional. You might end up with a copper head and not the color you want and then it'll cost more to get it fixed.

5) Remember that red is really hard to remove later on! If you can't commit to a color do not put a permanent hair color on your head! 

These are little tips, I've picked up a long the way when coloring my hair myself! My favorite brand to color my hair is L'oreal! I get the best results with them!

Hope this Helps!

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