Sooo after a brief hiatus, I'm back. Sometimes we need to get away and get our thoughts together and have people set you straight to get back on track ^_^ KEYWORD: Sometimes!

I've had a love affair with the Tokidoki line since I started working at Virgin in 2006. The designs consist of cute characters filled with moxie! The designer, Simone Legno, named his vision after the word "sometimes" because it's a word filled with possibility. He has his adorable characters on handbags, t-shirts, boots, etc. Tokidoki has teamed up with Marvel, Black Eyed Peas, Hello Kitty, Chooka and many more brands. The newest collaboration (and truly my FAVORITE!) is with Sephora. That's right ladies and gentlemen, TOKIDOKI MAKEUP HAS ARRIVED!!!! Yaaayyy! I'm totally and completely flipping over this because like I mentioned before, I LOVE TOKIDOKI! Ha. I'll be posting up pictures of everything that'll be coming out and doing product reviews as they come out.

I had the oppurtunity today to do play around with the eyeliners. I LOVE them. It's clear through the makeup that the creator is a graphic designer. The eyeliners look like markers, dry really fast, and THEY LAST. It's unbelievable. I had this image drawn on me around 2pm and it's 12am's Amazing!

The official launch date in Sephora is March 15th! You KNOW I'm gonna buy all of these!

♥ Elba!

and here's a look at a couple of Tokidoki characters:

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