Kelis is a trend setter.
She is a individual, we are all but setting yourself aside from others isn't the easiest task!
Wardrobing to outrageous hairstyles shes unique.
Kelis goes in my book as one of my beauty icons.
i think being beautiful is the least part of beautiful.
Keeping yourself in your own lane and staying true to who you are is a big part!
Down to her Eclectic sound she moves me in some way.

I tried to imitate this look all the time in highschool she always wore
multi colored eyeshadow.
she was another big inspiration for colors that i would use on my everyday.

Downtown Pepper!
Below watch my girl kelis do her thing!!!!
more power to the trend setter & everyone, who choose to make there own name and stay in there lane!!!

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  1. I'm down with you!! I love Kelis, she is so unique, funky and beautiful!!